If you are 50 years or over, come be a part of Fellowship Church Young at Heart Bunch and find out about all the fun!  We gather as a group the first Friday of the month at 6:00pm (occasional week changes) and fellowship with food, music, games, speakers and other fun activities.  We go day-tripping periodically during the year.  We schedule lunch with the Pastors during the day from time to time.  Once a year we have a weekend Retreat, and you can always find us pitching in with our Weekday Education and church events.

Upcoming Events:

Oct. 6th – Margarita Restaurant, meet at 6pm
Nov. 3rd –  Annual Thanksgiving Feast 6pm at the Church
Dec. 1st – Christmas Party and Gift Exchange
Jan. 5th – TBA
Feb. 2nd – Anniversary Celebration


Pat Widner