Fellowship Mission: We seek to experience and share the love of God, to grow our faith through discipleship, and to connect with others so we might share common life
Why Connect Groups? A study of the book of Acts teaches us that community (the small group) was fundamental to early Christians and the establishment of the church. When believers gather in biblical community, they serve to authenticate the life-changing reality of Jesus. When that happens, the Gospel begins its transforming work in the lives of believers, nonbelievers, and the community. We believe you and your connect group are vital organs in the living church of Jesus Christ! It is through connect groups and connect group leaders that we entrust the responsibility of teaching each other and others about the love of God, growing each other and others into vibrant, gospel proclaiming followers of Jesus, and connecting with other believers to do life together and share in spreading the good news of Jesus to a world in desperate need of a Savior. Your connect group is absolutely essential to accomplishing the mission God has set before us! Our Connect Groups are aimed at accomplishing 3 things: Loving sacrificially, Growing Spiritually, and Connecting relationally. It is our hope that all who call Fellowship their church home will also participate in a Connect Group!

How do I get connected with a Group?  We have groups that meet in different homes throughout Liberty Hill.  Most of our groups meet on Sunday evenings but there are other options that may also be available.  Let us know if you would like to check out a group and we will get you connected.

1) If you are new to our church and want to get plugged in, shoot us an e-mail at connect@fellowshiplh.org
2) Join us for one of our Connect Nights. Fellowship Connect nights are held several times through the year and are designed to give people a taste of the connect group community. This is a great time for those interested in finding a connection to meet others in a group context without the intimidation of walking into an existing group. Participants are placed in groups based on their life stage and location, and we ask each group to commit to meeting for 6-8 weeks. Participants can evaluate if they want to stay with that Connect Group or attend another Fellowship Connect night.
Our Next Connect Night
Sunday, September 23rd
6:30pm @ Fellowship
*Childcare will be provided
3) Fill out one of our Connect Group Cards. Connect Group cards are available HERE or a paper copy around the church. Anyone can fill out a card, and the CG Ministry will get them connected just like we do with website and email inquiries.